Ok so, the other day I received an email from Frank Bod and having seen their social media campaigns pretty much everywhere where social media is present, I thought I'd try it out! That and also I was fast running out of moisturiser and face scrub, and seeing as the ones I used previously weren't too fab, I thought it best to experiment with some new ones.

Firstly, I really like the packaging, the three products come in a cardboard tub with detailed leaflets explaining the contents of every product, about the ingredients and how you should use them. Secondly, every product looks like what I would expect it to (hazar!) and in terms of the cleanser, I was pleasantly surprised to find it was mid-grey in colour, this is due to the charcoal it contains. I was rather pleased as I've been using heat up charcoal face masks for a few months now and they really do help my skin, so I'm excited to see how using the cleanser works for me. I find I normally have to use a cleanser for around two months before I can decide on if its suitable for my face or not, so maybe I'll get back to you guys on that in October? Upon the first few uses though, its left my skin feeling cleansed but not super tight which is definitely a plus!

As for the scrub, it is super scrubby! I'm so pleased with the amount of scrubby-ness which is included (such vocab, much describe). Basically, the scrub is an extremely thick paste that smells of coffee. I love the smell of coffee so this was a mega plus for me. You basically rub it all over your face as demonstrated in the great photo of myself above, wait three minutes and then rinse away. I used a sponge to remove all of the scrub from my face. I thought it was quite a harsh consistency but I like it that way, it kind of feels like you're rubbing sand on your face. In the past I've used scrubs and thought is this really a scrub? which is the last thing you want to think when using a new face scrub aha! It left my face feeling super soft which I believe is the main objective of face scrubs, and I just rubbed some on my hand to examine it so I could better explain it to you guys and let me tell you my hand is now insanely soft. I think I'm definitely going to be adding this to my weekly face routine!

Finally I tired out the moisturiser, I don't have much experience in the way of moisturisers as I've only started to use them over the past year. This particular moisturiser is extremely silky and once applied to my face, sank in immediately and didn't leave behind any sticky residue (queue weird facebook message giant thumb suction noise). I hate it when moisturisers just sit on your skin and don't get absorbed, but luckily this does so I'll definitely be using it again!!

The last photo is my face expressing my frank opinion about Frank 8-)


  1. You're so pretty without make-up ^^

  2. what a lovely item Review,
    i didn't know the brand, maybe it'snot even for sale in Germany, but i think i will buy it online
    and WOW i love love love your hair Color so much, do you dye it with directions?

    with love your AMELY ROSE