Its that time of year again! The time of year where I wear a lot of black, Halloween!!! Are you guys really excited for all the Halloween parties? I know I am, not that I've been invited to any yet haha, and not that, that stops me from looking for many a potential Halloween outfit. A few days ago I was browsing the Dolls Kill website and spotted all their super groovy costumes. I thought to myself, ahhh, now I have to make a huge wishlist. Do I wear an actual costume or do I just dress up from head to toe in black velvet and lace? Such an important question! Then we have the, but should I spend that much on a costume? which begs the answer, perhaps you should get something you can wear in every day outfits as well as at Halloween. So yes, this is the thinking behind this wishlist! Do you guys know what you're going to wear or are you doing anything super exciting for Halloween? Let me know!!


  1. Amazing picks!
    That skull vodka is exactly what you need at a halloween party too!
    ♥ Fran - www.frannymac.com xx

  2. I love how fun halloween is, definitely going to be going all out this year!

    Infinity of fashion// Lucy Jane