Last week I was approached by So...? to create a look inspired by my favourite of their perfumes 'So...? Eternal'. I was really excited as I've been using So...? since I was at school, which was a while ago haha! I remember everyone used to carry them around in their PE kits and repeatedly use them throughout the day, basically the entire school smelt like a body mist cloud. This is making me feel very nostalgic haha!

The So...? Eternal fragrance first drew me to it because of the packaging, its super pink which means its super me and I do really like the smell. It reminds me of... ok so I'm not too great at describing fragrances, but to me it really smells like fruity vanilla, kinda like drinking a vanilla latte on a nice day out at the garden centre, minus the coffee. Does that make sense? I do hope so! After investigating the So...? website, I discovered that my nose was correct in its fragrance assessment, the base notes are Vanilla, Sandalwood and Amber along with mid tones of Orchid, Peony and Violet and high tones of Clementine and Lemon! I'm really enjoying this fragrance and I've been wearing it a lot since it arrived!

For the inspired outfit, I really wanted to wear something that reflected the packaging as its super cool and pink. I decided to go for this very sparkly shiny crop top and platform shoes which to me gives off the same effect as the diamond on the box and then the denim skirt and fluffy pink faux fur clutch bag picks up all the floral elements of the perfume itself!! I also threw in a very shiny headband as it reminds me of when I was at school!

The SO...? range consists of body sprays (£1.99) and a variety of different Eau De Toilettes such as the So..? Eternal, they are priced from only £5.99, (I do believe they're all available at Superdrug!)I think they're perfect for just throwing in your handbag/ car/ PE kit/ locker/ school bag/ anywhere else you so desire. In fact I would probably keep multiple different fragrances in various places so I'm never without!!


So...? are giving their followers the chance to be the face of So...? All you have to do is snap a photo of yourself wearing or with your So...? fragrance and add the hashtag #MyAttitude to be entered into the weekly draw! The sassiest entry will be chosen each week and awarded a place on WWW.SOWITHATTITUDE.COM plus a So...? goodie bag worth up to £50! (see www.sowithattitude.com for T&C's and further info)


  1. This is such a dreamy look <3
    Superb styling :D just enough sparkle and pink!
    That memory is super cute too!!!

  2. sassy queen!


  3. I haven't used any So...? products in FOREVER! This looks fab
    Love Vicki | victoriajanex.co.uk

  4. Gorgeous top! So cute


  5. I LOVE this post! It's so colorful and I love your outfit! SO? are such a great brand I have worked with them myself! They smell lovely <3 xx