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  1. Anonymous says

    BIG eBay shopper here and I very much approve of this post :). I've bought several chinese wholesale shoes, and admittedly some are hits and some are miss.
    My best shoe buy was my MAXSTAR platform converse (similar to #6, but with smaller platform) – I wear them 99% of the time, and they are super comfortable and a lot better quality than the original ALL stars converse – for a fraction of the price!!!
    My worst shoe buy was some lace up chunky boots from some chinese wholesale website I don't remember. When they arrived they looked NOTHING like the picture, and the seller was such a pain to argue with. Ended up getting my money back through Paypal, and the shoes went straight to donation.

    Anyway… These advice are pretty much the same I go for – and here I though I was the only one that CTRL + F in the feedback profiles for item-specific feedback 😉 (wish they would just add a button to do that). If I were to add something to the list it would be to: 8) ALWAYS PAY WITH PAYPAL, so that people can get their money back if anything goes wrong. It may be second nature to us 'pros', but maybe not for a newbie. If a site does not have an option of paying with Paypal I personally would run away.

    P.s. More eBay wishlists!!! Always looking for inspiration 🙂