The other week I was lucky enough to go and nose around backstage at X Factor with TRESemmé, as well as get my hair done by Aaron Carlo the hair stylist for the contestants on X Factor, he does the hair of various other super fab famous people so I feel rather special that he did my hair, he's also super lovely too! We got to watch him do Louisa's hair as you can see above!

I went to the Sunday show, we arrived and went to the VVIP area which was rather exciting, I've never been a VVIP before and I even got a little wrist band to add to my relatively small collection of wristbands. We then went into the studio area to watch the show. It was super interesting to see how everything was all pieced together!! Also there was a man, I think his name was Dave? Originally I thought a strange man off the street had managed to break his way into the X Factor studio with a microphone, but it actually turned out that he was there to warm up the crowd, and I was terrified that he was going to come and talk to me. Still, he was rather amusing and definitely made the advert breaks rather entertaining! I was really sad to see Anton leave as I thought he was so awkwardly adorable, but Che also has such an insane voice like where the hell did he get that? Also Olly preformed his new single and some dude who can play the piano (Lol I joke) Nathan Sykes preformed his new single too, despite the fact I'd never heard of him before, he's so amazingly talented ahh and I loved his light up piano! I want a light up piano!!! Do they come in pink? I was also so sad to hear about 4th Impact leaving last weekend (I've not yet caught up on X Factor- I've not turned my tv on in over a week sigh) I really hope they go on to do super big things because they're so talented!!

After the show we got to go backstage and have a snoop around, of course we weren't allowed to take any photos apart from the ones above (sad) but I got a few shots of the TRESemmé products used to create all the hair looks you see on the show! It was a really fun experience so thank you TRESemmé for a really fab evening!!


  1. How lucky are you!! I am so jealous! Louisa's hair looked lovely!! xx


  2. ahh your hair looks amazing! and what an amazing opportunity - the photos are lovely too!! <3


  3. Your hair looks amazing in this post (just like it always does!) and this sounds like a great opportunity overall.