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  1. Anonymous says

    This was such a nice post! I have followed you from since 2012 I think and I hadn't realized at all how much you have changed and how quickly the years have passed! wow. and I also realized just now that you were pretty much a style idol to me in 2013 or something, haha. you're still as amazing as always! love you! keep on being you.

  2. Vico says

    Wow Kayla, I didn't know, we have the same age, I thought about it, but I wasn't sure, this was a very good year to you, As a follower I can tell , for the pictures, new friends and stuff, I'm glad for you 😀 I hope you can have an amazing 2016 😀 and… I have to thank you for inspiring me all this years with your alternative fashion, my artwork inspired by you and other fashion bloggers!

  3. Fashioned by Pluche says

    Merry Christmas and happy blog birthday! It's so wonderfully magical to get to see you over these past six years and how you (as a person and as a dresser) have changed through the years… Loved it all! 😉