create your own nail varnish kit

The other day I received an email about this "Mix Your Own Nail Varnish" kit by Palette London. It sparked my interest immediately as I've never seen a product like this before and for those of you who don't know, I'm an occasional nail technician! I'd love to have more time to do nails and see clients however sometimes I can be a bit busy with blogging, so I figure that's something I'll probably do when I'm older. Anyway, I was highly intrigued by this product and so I decided to give it a go!!

In the kit you get the three primary colours, Red, Blue and Yellow along with Black and White to add light or darkness. You also get two empty nail varnish bottles with mixing balls inside of them and five pipettes, one for each base colour (glitter not included). On the inside of the box, theres a colour chart which tells you which colours to mix with which to achieve whatever colour you so desire! I chose to make a warm pastel pink (of course) I thought I better stick to something simple to start with and so began mixing together pink and red. I didn't pay much attention to the mixing guide as I struggled to get an accurate measure in each pipette, not that it really mattered as the end result was such a beautiful colour! To put it simply, a small amount of red, to 2-3 half pipettes full of white should do the trick. If any of you have ever mixed together red and white paint to make pastel pink, you'll understand the extremely small amounts of red needed to achieve the colour.

I shook the mixture for a few minutes, it didn't look too mixed on the outside of the bottle but once opened I saw that the inside was a lovely pink colour so I decided to begin applying it to my nails. I found the application somewhat difficult, perhaps I didn't have enough nail varnish on the brush or maybe I took too long to mix the colours so the varnish had dried out a bit, but it seemed tacky whilst applying and left a somewhat rough finish to my dismay. I have a few nail varnishes like this though and I thought that perhaps applying a top coat might be the solution to the problem, so I fetched it from my nail box and began painting it on. I was right- for some reason, I find some nail varnishes almost melt when you apply a top coat. For some reason, it causes the varnish underneath to blend together and even out any bumps, creating a beautiful smooth finish, so basically, I was pleased with the end result! Plus this is actually a varnish colour that I don't have- an even bigger plus!

I then started on the pale blue colour I wanted to mix, I mixed the same amounts as above and then I got a little bit ahead of myself and decided to divulge back into the nail box and grab some glitter. I mixed the silver glitter with my blue varnish, unfortunately this was a huge mistake as it made the end result impossible to apply as it was rather lumpy, it was then I realised that really, the majority of glitter nail polishes come in clear varnishes, so this was probably my downfall. You couldn't actually see the glitter as it was covered in blue. At least I had meant well, the colour did actually turn out really nice, so had I not added the glitter, it would have been a lovely nail polish! Next time, I'll stick to my glitter top coats.

I really enjoyed using this nail kit, it allows you to be super creative and its really fun! I've never been able to mix my own nail varnish before, in fact one of the many things I have always disliked about nail varnish is that you can't create you own colours like with gel polish or acrylic/ gel extensions. This kit has proven my thoughts on nail polish wrong, and with the five colours in this kit you can actually mix whatever colour you so desire, the possibilities are endless. Personally, if I were to come up with some more nail varnish colours, I would purchase a few more of the white refills, simply as I used up used up the entire bottle making these two! (Although this isn't particularly surprising considering my love of pastel colours). All in all this kit is great for an afternoon of fun, and you end up with two brand new nail varnishes which you've created yourself, (theres also a 5 piece kit here) so they're just a bit more special than the average varnish. What colours would you guys make?


  1. So great! love this!


  2. My Mom and I would absolutely love this... since I was young we took time out to sit and pamper our nails even if she'd plan on going to the nail salon in a day or so.

  3. best nails <3


  4. Would love to give this a go, looks like fun! x

  5. great post- would love to see what it looks like on!


  6. This looks amazing! :D

    I'm sure I remember Illamasqua coming out with something like this. :)