I recently received this detoxifying face mask Kit from TruSelf Organics! I was pleased to see that its a clay mask, I find the majority of none-clay masks do absolutely nothing for my skin and I've been religiously using clay masks since I was about fourteen, so hopefully this would make a nice addition to my skincare routine! I'm also really pleased that this product is vegan!

Upon opening, I noticed that you have to mix the product yourself (with water, or with TruSelf Organics Detoxifying Solution), which is actually quite fun and must mean you get more product than the average pre-mixed face mask. My kit came with a little mixing bowl, spatular and three spoons of different sizes. I used the middle spoon (heaped) for my mixture with one and a half spoons of water. Maybe I have a small face but I only used just over half of the mixture! I reckon this tub will last me almost the entire year at this rate aha! The texture of the mixture was very soft and smooth which was surprising considering you have to mix it yourself, I would have imagined it to be like whenever I whip up pancake mix, lumpy and looking as if it needed to be put in a food blender, but it wasn't, the mask glided onto my face super easily without any scratching like some previous masks I've tried!

It took around 30 minutes for it to completely dry, sometimes I leave clay masks on for longer as I like to see the dry clay absorb all the impurities from my skin- kinda gross I know, but so satisfying. The mask was also really easy to rinse off, something I've struggled with in the past, sometimes I end up scraping them off with my nails which surely can't be good however this one washed off quite easily.

I noticed my pores in-between my eyebrows looked significantly smaller along with the pores on the sides of my nose. Also, perhaps this is TMI (oh well its a face mask review eh!) a few spots which had been brewing in the deep confines of my sebaceous glands had in fact risen to the forefront of my face. I'm not sure if anyone else's skin seems to work like this, but I get quite deep painful spots under my skin and it takes days for them to actually appear as a 'spot' this mask seemed to speed up the process of bringing them to the surface, I know that once they're on the surface they will pop of their own accord within a few minutes of using a face wash, so I really like that this mask speeded up the process of getting rid of them.

Overall I really like this mask, it suits my oily spot prone skin type, I like the fact you can control the amount you mix and make the consistency whatever you desire. The fact its vegan/ cruelty free is also a huge plus to me because lets face it, animal testing for beauty products is completely unnecessary. I really loved the finished result and will definitely be using this mask again!

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*This post is in collaboration with TruSelf Organics*