Ok so this post is a bit late considering LFW was a few weeks ago aha! I actually wore this outfit on the Sunday however I was rushing around so much that I hardly got chance to take a photo, and those that I did take weren't all that great, so I figured I'd shoot it when I got back home in a pretty LFW-equse location!

I took two bags to LFW; one quite big one and also this nifty little Brit Stitch half pint bag which was absolutely perfect for my vlogging camera, card holder and portable charger! It served me so well over the weekend as when you're rushing around London you don't want to be carrying a huge bag, in fact that is a thought which I find myself having on a very regular basis- I never want to lug a huge bag around. Smaller bags mean less stuff and therefore far less stress and I enjoy less stress immensely.

I have two brit stitch bags and I can definitely confirm they are some of my favourites! Firstly, they have such good colours! My other Brit Stich bag is this beautiful Purple Milkman. I think my particular favourite is this half pint due to the cute size and adjustable strap, I mean they all have adjustable straps but this one has so many length options! I like to wear my bags both on my shoulder or across my body, and obviously you need different length straps for each way to wear (obviously)! One day at LFW I was wearing a large red coat, so I would have the strap at its longest, not wanting it to bunch up my outfit, I hate looking like a deformed pillow. When I wore a lighter coat I used a smaller strap length as there was less bulkiness. This is all very technical I know, I feel as if I'm trying to explain how to wear a bag - but its all relative, bag straps are as important as the bags themselves!

Anyway, I really like this bag, its perfect for just nipping out the house, the style of it makes it go with pretty much anything, I feel I could wear this bag with pretty much any outfit, depending on the colours of course, thats why I have two haha!

*this post was in collaboration with Brit Stitch*

BAG brit stitch
COAT boohoo
SCARF boohoo
CROP TOP pretty little thing
CAT SOCKS sock it to me
DR MARTENS farfetch


  1. Amazing look and I love the pink tones so much Xx


  2. This outfit really speaks to me. maybe it's the cat socks


  3. amazing outfit, your hair kinda fades into your fur scarf <3_<3


  4. perfect as always! <3

  5. Loving this pink and blue matching outfit. Love the knee high socks.


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