LIPSTICK limecrime salem
COFFIN CHOKER regal rose
PINK SILK CAMISOLE rokit vintage

Sometimes I forget that spending some time to play around in the studio can be just as fruitful if not more than going out and shooting what I would call "normal" blog photos. Ever since I received this silk night dress from Rokit I've had such great plans for it, I wanted a cute choker to go with it, but not just any choker, I wanted it to be really special and as far as I was aware no such choker existed so I put off taking these photos. A few months later however I got an email from Regal Rose and this absolutely amazing coffin choker was apart of their new collection, it has a dried pink flower inside! Isn't it just the most pretty gothic-but-with-a-hint-of-softness piece of jewellery you've ever seen? I love it! I finished the look with Salem by Limecrime, I don't often wear a dark lip but I think here it really works!

Also I have a new friend- her name is Annie the Manne, she helps me to photograph my depop items, and will occasionally be featuring in any future studio shoots as she's just a really great companion/ prop. If you'd like to check out my depop shop you can follow it here!



  1. Stunning pictures :) I've always wanted a silk night dress like this and I absolutely love that lipstick colour!!


  2. That slip dress is beyond perfect! x


  3. hair's looking amazing


  4. baaaabe <3


  5. This lip and this chocker is so beautiful! I love it ❤
    And I really liked the new blog theme :)

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