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Ok so you're probably wondering why I'm sat beside a beautiful swimming pool in a tropical country. I am in fact (unfortunately) not doing that at all, I'm actually sat beside a water fountain in the middle of London near Marble Arch haha! For the past two days I've been in London for press events and stuff like that and myself and Amy came accross this pretty fountain which oddly enough we have never seen before. We were on a bus and I was like, "Amy... do u see? Do u see the pretty twinkling water over there? We must photo," and photo we did, after almost falling down the stairs on the bus of course. Oh how I wish I really was sat beside a pool in a tropical county, or beside the sea. Alas I want to go on holiday!


  1. Omg I never would've guessed this is in Marble Arch! What even haha x

  2. I really do think you were in a tropical country from looking at these photos! Really gorgeous outfit as always and love those sunglasses!


  3. possibly the most perfect sunglasses


  4. Never thought I'd see the words "tropical" and "london" together in one sentence! It really does look like you're somewhere else. Loving the shades :D