PURPLE VELVET LEOTARD miss selfridge/ asos

Here I am, walking down an eerie path in the woods, on my way to attend a witches meeting where we’ll most probably discuss who we’re going to sacrifice next, all to create a potion that will turn us into beautiful immortal beings. Or y’know, whatever.

If I were actually a witch, I would use my powers to banish all gross and creepy men who lurk in the shadows, watching women as they go about their daily life, just as one man did while I was taking these very photos.

There he was, in his car with his drug dealer windows rolled down- that really should have been the first indication that we should leave to find a different shoot location. My Dad had gone to walk the dog and my Mom and myself walked up the path to start taking photos. I actually got changed once we were out of sight, simply because I didn’t want the guy to see me get changed in the back of my car, I figured if he saw what I was wearing, he might follow me, an act which was rendered completely null considering the rest of this story.

Anyway, there I was, myself and my Mom, minding our own business, y’know, working, after all, this is my JOB, and soon after we had snapped the first few photos, he got out of his car, walked up the path and shamelessly began to stare.

There we were, just me, my mom, and him. Bit awkward. Bit weird. All sorts of crazy outlandish thoughts start to stream your mind when you’re faced with a creepy guy who wont go away, especially when you’re just two women stood alone in a wooded area. I immediately jump to the worst case scenario; this guy is about to kill my Mom and kidnap me. I mean, he has drug dealer windows for god sake! Where is his family? Where is his happy dog friend? Y’know, the normal reasons why one would go to the park. Maybe he just likes the great outdoors, maybe I’m just as judgemental as him for thinking these things. Anyway, I of course, like any scared woman does, stuck my finger up at him and told him to fuck off. Despite this, he just continued to stand there and stare. Erm, excuse me, this isn’t the safari porn park, this is real life, I’m doing my job, which by the way entails me photographing this years Halloween costume in a wooded area, is that not obvious? Stop staring at me!

Eventually he got bored and thankfully went back to his car, but not before I had to text my dad to chaperone me back to our car because I was too scared to go near him!

Unfortunately this is something I go through almost every single time I shoot blog photos, regardless of what I’m wearing. Theres a difference between being genuinely curious and being ridiculously gross and this man was definitely the latter. Although this post may be written from a fairly humorous standpoint, that’s really just me trying to make something kinda scary seem kinda funny, something all women go through and have to put up with on a regular basis.

Anyway, I think this is a pretty rad Halloween costume. I’ve brought out all the velvet in full force and I especially love the skirt, if you can call it a skirt haha! Its a mere £20 from Choies, how amazing is that???

Let me know what you guys intend to wear for Halloween!!!!


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  1. Dana Nicola 21st October 2016 / 5:09 pm

    Giiiiirl, slaaay! You look in-cred-i-ble.
    But the guy, ug, unfortunately i experience this far to often when shooting as well, its just so unnerving and more irritating then anything, its horrible being made to feel so uncomfortable and shitty when youre just trying to about you life :/

    Dana x | fashiondew.co.uk

  2. Lizzie ♥ 21st October 2016 / 5:09 pm

    Oh my gosh that sounds terrifying! I'm glad he left in the end – my mind would've definitely jumped to the worse case scenario! Why are men such creeps?! I LOVE this look on you, especially the lace mask!

    Lizzie Bee // mysticthorn.com

  3. Saskia Bzn 22nd October 2016 / 3:33 pm

    OMG amazing <3

    DarkSide Of Fashion Blog
    (IG : @Saskiabzn)
    Saskia! xo

  4. Kinga Kurek 22nd October 2016 / 5:20 pm

    Your outfit is amazing by the way!! As for creepy men, it's so annoying and scary we have to go though it, I get into those situations as well and there's nothing more creepy and scary! I hope your ok!
    Kinga x

  5. Sarah Vernon 23rd October 2016 / 5:59 pm

    urgh i go thru this as well when i shoot! incred outfit and photos though, u look amazing! x http://sarahinwonderlust.blogspot.co.uk/2016/10/band-tee.html

  6. Cookies Corpse 27th October 2016 / 10:12 pm

    I really love all about your outfit!