Maybe going to the beach on a cold January day is a bad idea, but it still looks just as pretty as it does in summer! Maybe this outfit will inspire you for the spring days ahead, (ahead in two months I add). I’ve been wearing this fishnet top a lot recently, I like that it adds a slightly grungey-er vibe to every look, especially paired with this velvet dress. Fishnet tops also look super cute under short sleeve baggy band tees!


This velvet dress is so cute and can be paired with so many different items to dress it up/ down. For a velvet day look I’d probably wear a plain white t-shirt underneath, or you could wear a white button up shirt for a more sophisticated look. I’ve gone for the, “I don’t care, but I also want to look as if I tried,” look by opting for a fishnet vest. Alternatively, you could pair it with your own torso for a fab evening look.


Embroidered jackets and rose prints are definitely here to stay for the foreseeable future! This jacket (similar) in particular is so warm and cosy, despite being not at all waterproof (which I didn’t expect it to be, I mean, look at the fabric), it kept me extremely toasty during festival no6 and I think that this year I’m going to have to take it with me again!


I adore my Mcqueen trainer dupes from Boohoo! Unfortunately they no longer stock them, but hey at least they still have the real thing! (Alexander McQueen oversized low top platform trainers)

Wishing you all a fab day and also, please do check out my new video which will be going live on my youtube tomorrow!

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