On this dreary February day, I thought that there’s nothing better than to dream about sunny days whilst wearing whimsical floaty beach outfits! I’m quite the fan of a cute tulle skirt and they do look super cute when worn at the beach. I may have to invest in a longer one that swooshes around in the wind, although this mini tulle is very adorable too. This particular skirt is from Boohoo and is currently in the sale, they also have lots of other different versions and I especially love this midi length polkadot tulle skirt, which I imagine would be perfect to wear to a wedding!




These particular platform trainers are dupes of the classic Alexander McQueen oversized sneaker. Unfortunately the dupes are now unavailable; however if you’d like to snap up the real thing, there is an abundant range to choose from and I have to say that these white and lilac trainers with floral embroidered details are my absolute favourite and every time I see them they encourage me to part with my money!


This pink belt with gold hardware is from Rokit Vintage, I had to have it because it reminded me of the classic Moschino belts, which I’ve kind of-sort of wanted for, forever!

Are you looking forward to whimsical beach days?

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