On Tuesday this week I was lucky enough to head down to London to the Lush Spa in their Oxford Street store to experience the Synaesthesia massage! I was so excited because this was my first ever massage (I know right, long overdue!) and I was excited to get rubbed all over with lotions and potions, despite finding the prospect of being touched by another human fairly terrifying.

I arrived at the store an hour early for a little (ok I lied, it was an extremely intensive) tour. The lovely guy who showed me around was called Tim, he was so welcoming and helpful and had the most insanely in-depth knowledge of every Lush product ever! Tim showed me basically everything in store, from bath bombs to the Hair Lab, where you can go to try out different hair products to see if they suit you! We tried out lots of different bathbombs, bubble bars and even did a skin consultation because I have the most annoyingly uncontrollable skin ever, but I’ll talk about that in another post as I have tons of products to show you! For now though.. onto the Synesthesia massage!




The spa was located on the ground floor underneath the main store and there was a lady waiting for me at the top of the stairs with my name written on a hand held chalk board so I knew where to go- very helpful- I’m the type that would probably wander around the store aimlessly for a few hours without asking anyone for help, consequently missing my massage.

I thought the outside of the spa looked a bit like a traditional shop front that you might see in a museum! My therapist Ruth came out to collect me and I was whisked away from the busy shop floor into a room that looked like a kitchen. I was immediately surprised with how quiet it was and wondered if the walls had some kind of fancy noise cancelling mechanism, its definitely an amazing get away from the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street.

I was given a glass of strawberry infused water and myself and Ruth sat ourselves down at the rustic kitchen table (which I discovered was made from old reclaimed wood from railroad tracks- actual kitchen goals) to discuss my treatment.



Firstly, I filled out a form about myself disclosing all of my many ailments, and then we got onto the fun stuff. I was asked to choose a word from the chalk board above the kitchen top, I decided to go with Mind Cleanser because my brain is generally so full of stuff that theres never any room to actually think, kind of like when you pack too much into a zip up bag and then its too full to be able to get the zip back open.

Ruth retrieved a Mind Cleanser massage bar from a jar on the shelf and then instructed me to choose a bottle from an additional shelf. There were many different bottles to choose from and they were all different colours and sizes, but I wasn’t allowed to smell them and had to choose based solely on the words, colour and shape of the bottle. Eventually I chose Achieve; I like achieving things and would like to continue to do so, so I think I was wise in my decision.




Ruth left me alone in the treatment room for a few minutes so I could get undressed and hop under the towels. I wasn’t sure whether or not to remove my makeup as I was going to an event afterwards and didn’t want to look as if I had just rolled out of bed (I ended up looking like that anyway so oh well).

The massage started with a facial massage moving onto a head massage and then onto shoulders. I had opted for hot stones instead of a tummy massage, simply because I like warm things. Then there was a hand and arm massage, leg massage, back massage and finally another head massage. I think my favourite parts were the head, shoulder and back massage although I did find the facial massage extremely beneficial, I simply cannot remember the last time my nasal passages were so clear, it must have drained all the fluid from my face and honestly every time I’ve looked in the mirror since I’ve felt my face looks like a new face. During the massage they play the Synaesthesia soundtrack which is very relaxing, I vividly remember there being a lot of chirping birds which was nice!


Synaesthesia Spa, lush spa

LUSH SPA, Synaesthesia Spa


Afterwards we went back into the kitchen and had a cup of tea and more strawberry infused water and I think I also had a ginger biscuit. I received a Mind Cleanser massage bar to take home with me in a little Lush massage bar shaped tin which I shall no doubt treasure forever.

All in all, I really enjoyed my experience at The Lush Spa and would absolutely love to go again, although the next time I would love to try The Good Hour!

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