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I’ve been having fun with a new app called Ribena Doodle Your World!

Its super cute and has lots of little characters who can join you on your adventures when you’re snapping photos to make your day just that little bit more Ribenary!

I took them all out with me when I went to about my normal day shooting outfit photos yesterday, don’t you think they make a cute addition?

I especially love the bunny, he/ she is so adorable! Its so cute when it tries to kill me with its laser eyes.

The app shoots in real time and you can record video or take photos! It has built in 3D recognition, or something like that.. basically it knows what its looking at and knows how to place the characters to make them work within the photo. For example, Rabbi-G (the gangster rabbit, obviously) is climbing my arm! How cute is that? You can point your phone camera at anything and he will climb it! Hopefully I’m not the only one thats super impressed by this…

I’m running a Ribena Doodle Your World giveaway on my Instagram of which the terms and conditions can be read here!

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