A few months ago I was lucky enough to spend some time with Fred Letailleur, the makeup artist that designs all of YSL’s makeup campaigns! Firstly, myself and around six other people had a masterclass all about how to use a lot of the products, then we got to ask Fred questions about any concerns we had for our own makeup and then we got to browse the makeup counter and chat with Fred!

I asked Fred how to cover my spots, as they’re quite dark and raised and a lot of the time they show through my foundation and concealer, no matter how I apply it. Plus sometimes it even looks as if the concealer is just framing the spot and making them stand out on my face even more, which is fab. So, I asked Fred how I could change that and he said that I should use a small blusher brush or a large eyeshadow brush with a cream concealer as it will spread the product in a way that will cover a blemish really easily, and guess what, it works!! Thank you Fred!

Honestly I can’t remember the day all that vividly, but I ended up staying behind and we did a little two-tone eye makeup look which was so much fun!! I completely forgot about it so now I may have to re-create it. I did vlog the day so feel free to check that out here!

I’ve linked all the products used below!

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