Seriously though, I was very excited when I received the email telling me that Lazy Oaf were bringing out a nightwear and lingerie collection. If anything, I feel like this collection is slightly too good to wear to sleep in, but I guess I could do with some new pyjamas as I often end up wearing old t-shirts which aren’t quite good enough for everyday wear anymore.

As for the collection, I’m wearing my favourite pieces here! The teddy bear two piece is super adorable and in true lazy oaf style, has lots of little quirky additions to the design to make it extra special! The back of the shorts actually have a little frilly heart on the bum which is super cute!

I will definitely be wearing this “not now” eye mask during any future plane journeys, or maybe I should just wear it in my general day to day life, it seems as if it may be quite useful.

This cushion is probably my favourite item from the collection, or maybe favourite tied with the teddy pyjamas. Anyway, I love it, it looks amazing in my room with my new bed, although I have to say I’m scared I’ll spill coffee on it, as everything in my room seems to be covered in coffee stains, sigh.


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