Who else is enjoying the snow? I’ve seen a lot of people moaning about it online and I don’t blame them! We just had to dig my dads car out as he had just spent twenty minutes trying to get it onto the drive before alerting us to the fact that he was home and could in fact, not get it onto the drive.

Thankfully, being self employed means I don’t actually have to go anywhere. I feel quite sorry for everyone who has to leave the house to go to work over the next few days.

That being said, I personally really enjoy the trivialities that snow brings, such as travel delays and falling over. You’re all stuck there on the train or bus, rolling your eyes and casting knowing glances at each other that clearly say, “well, i guess we’re all collectively not having a fab time”, “why haven’t they gritted the roads properly?” and, “bloody council innit”.

I remember one time I was working in a shop and at the end of my shift I left to find around fifteen centimetres of snow had fallen and that the bus home had been canceled. As I wandered the streets trying to find an alternative way home I bumped into my Grandma, which was lucky as she wasn’t sure how she would get home either. I also remember my Grandma had rushed into the nearest charity shop and had purchased a very bright red and pink bobbly hat with large ear covers as soon as it had started to snow.

In the end, my Dad rescued us in our old giant Land Rover called Ermentrude and for some reason, we went home through the countryside- Dad seemed to think that was wise, because clearly Land Rovers are invincible in the snow (not on ice though, a Land Rover on ice is like wearing Dr Martens on ice- it just doesn’t work).

Anyway, heres a photo of me enjoying the snow in my vintage Christmas jumper!

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