Last night I was kindly invited to the Too Faced Flagship store launch party! It was amazing and I couldn’t not post some photos here because look how pink it was!

The party itself was held as Kettners. If you don’t know of Kettners, its a hotel in Soho thats steeped in history and is all-round very fascinating; apparently Oscar Wilde and Edward VII used to hang out there, so I mean, thats cool right?

Anyway, Kettners is having a slight refurb! I say slight refurb- its been closed since January and I’m pretty sure they’ve knocked down a few major walls… but whatever, it looks amazing!

I was lucky enough to stay in one of the newly refurbished rooms! Unfortunately we didn’t actually get into the rooms until about 5pm as the builders were still, well, building them and of course I had the marvellous idea of turning up a complete mess thinking I’d have time to film a GRWM. So I missed the actual store opening but hey ho, the party was amazing! Also I can imagine the store was super-packed, so I hope that I’ll be able to go back on a less busy day to check it out.

The canapés were pretty amazing… ok I say “the canapés were pretty amazing,” the canapés were literally mac and cheese and chips- but you can’t really go wrong with those options can you?? Oh and pink champagne. Lots of pink champagne. Oh and there was also a rather odd but very pretty cocktail called a Sextini that tasted as if it was 50% gin and 50% grapefruit juice.

They had lots of Better Than Sex mascara baubles on the tree! I completely forgot to pick up my engraved mascara (yes they were ENGRAVING MASCARAS) and we all know how exciting it is to have something with our own name on and I forgot about mine, how sad 🙁

I found cookies in a jar. The hotel room literally had everything, apart from tampons. Definitely no tampons. The coffee was really good though and they have all these Cowshed toiletries which was nice as I’m quite the fan of Cowshed.

On top of everything we also got a ridiculous amount of products given to us in the goodie bag! I’ve not used many Too Faced products in the past, aside from a matte lip here and there but oh my god, is this an introduction to the brand or what?! Was not expecting so much, so thanks so much Too Faced!! I’m most excited to try the Born This Way foundation and concealer and the Just Peachy Mattes eye shadow palette as I think it’ll be a nice replacement for my grubby old Limecrime Venus palette.

Anyway, I had a really amazing time and just wanted to post about the event here as it was too good not to mention! Hope you’re all having a fab Friday!

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