Leman Locke

Back in February this year (yes I realise this post is super late- I’m trying to find content for Blogmas ok?!) I had to stay overnight in London for a magazine photoshoot. I was looking for somewhere to stop when I stumbled across Leman Locke apartments and seeing as I had never stayed in a serviced apartment before, I thought I’d give it a go.

It was a little more expensive than I had originally planned on paying however the apartments are only a three minute walk away from Aldgate East station which coincidently is where I used to live. I mean, not in the station- I used to live just off Brick Lane. Anyway, naturally I knew the area rather well and seeing as I could cook for myself (having a kitchen and everything, woop) I thought it would be rather nostalgic to pop down my old local tesco to buy something for tea. On top of all that, they have these cute pink sofas in every apartment which were highly instagrammable, so naturally I booked it.

There were a few scuffles to start with as my room wasn’t ready when I went to check in (at 4pm which I thought was rather late), but thankfully they made me a nice cup of tea, so that was fine. Finally I got my room key and went up to the room that I had been allocated, only to walk in on a lady who was sat on the sofa watching afternoon tv, which wasn’t ideal. So I went back downstairs to find they had double-booked my room and had to give me a new one- perhaps thats why my room was so high up, who knows.

As I said, my room was surprisingly high up, I could see the gherkin and all the way over Liverpool street, which I thought was odd as I think I paid for the cheapest room, although, now I think about it, that may have been because there was someone already in my room when I got there haha!

After that incident it was all plain sailing and I thoroughly enjoyed my stay, in fact, I wished I could have stayed longer (I had to check out at 9am the next day). I miss living in East London, but alas, I’m not a student with a loan to cover my accommodation anymore and I need more than one room to house my ridiculously oversized wardrobe.

I took these photos quickly in the morning when I was getting ready as I didn’t want to miss the opportunity, sadly I was makeup-less and hadn’t done my hair, as they were going to be doing it at the shoot that morning, but ah well, they’re alright, right?

Also, heres a fun little anecdote (or not, whatever). As I was checking in I was most surprised to overhear that the lady in front of me was staying at the apartments for two months! This left me feeling slightly envious and thinking that maybe I should book an entire week, and then I remembered that I’m not made on money, so good on that lady for whatever amazing job she does to afford such luxuries, maybe one day I shall be able to afford them too!

Finally, now I look back at these pictures, I think I may have left those socks I’m wearing in the apartment as I’ve not seen them since.

Leman Locke

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