Another outfit from Salcombe! Its basically one of my favourite places, such a shame it was cloudy and raining!

Once again I’m wearing my favourite mom jeans, I found them in a charity shop a few years ago. They were my second favourite pair until my vintage Calvin Kleins ripped at the knee and now they hang funny.. RIP, so now my vintage motos have been promoted!

You know what I’ve noticed recently, people really don’t like seeing my nipples. I’m not sure why, because I get the impression they don’t mind seeing other peoples nipples. Its not like I’m trying to show them off, its just that I’m also not exactly trying to hide them, and I mean, they are attached to my body, its not like I can take them off like a pair of earrings. I say this because every time I post a pic involving a nipple on instagram, I seem to lose about 500 followers which seems a bit steep, y’know, just for a nipple, but whatever I guess? Sorry I’ll stop complaining, its just a bit annoying, I just wanna wear cute clothes!

RAINBOW BODY jaded london
MOM JEANS vintage/ charity shop
BACKPACK killstar

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