a games night with giffgaff

[this post contains a gifted partnership with giffgaff]

Hellooo! Sorry its been so long since my previous post, clearly I’m not as focused as I once thought haha. However I am back again with another post about a games night with our friends! giffgaff kindly reached out to me a proposing the idea that we should hold a games night because these days its so difficult to actually get together and spend time with friends! This is something myself and Nick always struggle with, we never seem to be able to find time or keep in contact with people. We thought this collaboration would be a great reason to finally invite our friends Steve and Emma round (who are avid board, card and whatever else kind of game players) because we don’t see them very often.

We ordered take aways from Just Eat, it was a bit of a weird mix of Chinese and Indian which was very tasty although we would have probably have been better off with pizza, more of a games night kinda food, but no, curry and chow mein it was. Anyway, we played all three games which were sent to us; Obama Llama, Weird Things that Humans Search for and Bucket of Doom. I think my favourite was Weird Things that Humans Search For where someone draws a card and asked a weird question that you’ve probably found yourself typing into google at some point and you have to finish it! I guessed all of my answers, thinking that they wouldn’t be correct yet somehow I managed to win that particular game.

giffgaff also gifted us some sim cards to use with preloaded data, texts and minutes. Although we didn’t use these as we already have our own sim cards I’m definitely going to keep them as they will come in handy for various things in the future, especially festivals! I always consider taking a festival phone with me instead of my iPhone! I know some people who don’t bother to take a phone with them to a festival AT ALL but I think taking a old phone with a different sim card just so you can find out where your friends are is always a good idea!

We also received a GoPro, Amazon Echo and an Anchor charging power bank, all of which will come in super useful! Its a shame we can’t get the Amazon echo to play with us as well haha! Maybe we can train it?

no nicholas that does not belong to you!!!

At the end of the night we counted up our totals and in the end, Steve won! He looked very pleased with his little games trophy! Emma was feeling a bit ill so I didn’t subject her to any photos, but it was really lovely to see her all the same!

I loved hosting the games night and hope we can do so again soon, it was really fun as we rarely have anyone over! I do think we need to get a little coffee table though to put all the cards out on as at one point we were all sat on the floor haha!

I’d like to thank giffgaff for enabling us to have such a fab night!!!

I think we all know that the real winner is Buster the dog.

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