Ragged Priest, Iron Fist, Christmas Meal, The Cheshire Cat, Pub, Baileys Hot Chocolate, 2017 Goals

I was going to put together a 2016 outtakes post documenting all of my amusing blooper photos from the past year, however I can’t find them, so I guess I’m just going to get all thoughtful with you guys, and hope that it doesn’t make you feel queasy.

Never before have I been the type to be consider a new year as a fresh start. That being said, 2016 was so terribly awful that the prospect of a fresh start in a new year seems like a positively brilliant opportunity!



Ragged Priest, Iron Fist, Christmas Meal, The Cheshire Cat, Pub, Baileys Hot Chocolate, 2017 Goals



In an attempt to feel somewhat positive about the past year, I thought I’d list all of the amazing opportunities I was lucky enough to be involved in!

Earlier in the year, I collaborated with Nike on their Cherry Blossom campaign, which is still my favourite collaboration to date as it was so quintessentially me! I really hope I’ll be able to work together with Nike again in the future!

In February I also attended London Edge for the first time ever, I’m so excited to go back again in February! Its ever such a lovely homely place, full of weird clothes and people that make you feel like you actually fit in. I love this photo of all of us alt bloggers together, sometimes its easy to forget how many of us there are!



Christmas Meal, The Cheshire Cat, Pub, Baileys Hot Chocolate, 2017 Goals, Ragged Priest, Iron Fist


I was lucky enough to attend Download Festival for the full three days for the first time ever! I had attended on day passes in the past but I really wanted to spend the entire weekend there! Maybe one day I’ll be able to do the five day camping, when I actually have someone to go with!

This years Download, or should I say Drownload, was ridiculously muddy! It was a bit gross, especially when the mud somehow managed to creep into my tent, but it didn’t really matter because Download is honestly my favourite event of the year and no rain could ever spoilt that! I am so excited to be going back this year! The highlight for me was seeing Korn and Disturbed, they were both equally amazing! I saw Korn again a few weeks ago and I’m going to see Disturbed and Avenged Sevenfold this month, so that will be such a good start to the year!

I managed to get tickets for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in June! It was amazing, I mean the plot was a bit strange and fanfiction-y, however I absolutely loved Scorpius and it was a generally amazing play! Cursed Child along with Fantastic Beasts have both inspired me to go back to Hogwarts Realm! For those of you that don’t know, Hogwarts Realm is an online Harry Potter role play forum that I created when I was twelve (yes I know, I’m really cool) and I’ve been running ever since (although since I started my blog seven years ago, I’ve kind of neglected it). Myself and my friend Ashley have vowed to restore it to its former glory, y’know, when we have a little bit of spare time, whenever that will be.

Finally, I relaunched my blog at the end of November with a new layout and lots more exciting topics!



Ragged Priest, Iron Fist, Christmas Meal, The Cheshire Cat, Pub, Baileys Hot Chocolate, 2017 Goals



A few days ago I tweeted that my new years resolution was to sleep more. I’m sure that most people thought that was a joke, however it most definitely wasn’t.

I have a difficult relationship with sleep, that is to say, it’s completely all over the place. If and when I actually manage to fall asleep, I’m rarely properly asleep; always aware of my surroundings during the night, continually rolling over in a half-asleep daze. I presume that this is the reason for my continual tiredness over the past year, and why I’ve found everything so un-enjoyable.

I know that on the off-chance that I do actually get a good nights sleep, (for example, the type where you fall asleep and wake up again eight hours later wondering how the hell you got from 12pm to 8am without even noticing), I feel refreshed and awake, ready to take on the world, (or if you’re me, ready to reply to all the emails you were too tired to respond to for the past few weeks).

So basically, I want to sleep more, or at least get better quality sleep. I’m tired of being tired. Anyway, I’m rambling, and maybe my sleep problems should be better saved for another post!

Finally, I want to start putting more time into Youtube! I’m constantly encouraged by others to put out new videos despite the fact that my channel is quite small, everyones enthusiasm has really inspired me to give it another go!



Ragged Priest, Iron Fist, Christmas Meal, The Cheshire Cat, Pub, Baileys Hot Chocolate, 2017 Goals


Happy New Year everyone! Do you have any goals going forward in 2017?


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